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Georgia Tech offered the most acceptances of third-year AUC students.

Call it an evening of stars. More than 200 students, parents, corporate sponsors, and program institutions were on hand at the 39th Annual AUC Consortium Dual Degree Engineering Program Networking Event and Awards Ceremony, Saturday, April 16, at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot. Held to recognize outstanding dual-degree engineering students from Clark Atlanta UniversityMorehouse College and Spelman College.

The awards banquet offers a great opportunity to showcase all the involved participants – students, partnering and member institutions, as well as the corporations who sponsor and hire Atlanta University Center students. AUC schools are a major feeder for minority students who enter engineering schools. AUC students have the benefit of receiving two degrees – one from the home institution and one from the engineering institution – in approximately five years.

Students received the following awards:

AUCC DDEP Alumni of the Year

Marcus-Tor Strickland

  • Marcus-Tor Strickland, Morehouse College/Missouri S&T University

As a liaison between DDEP alumni and AUCC, Strickland has taken a lead role in revamping participation between the organizations. He is a person about town with roles as director of Development at Prevention Partners Inc., troop leader with Boy Scouts – Atlanta Area Council Troop 100, B.E.S.T. Academy, and business development engineer at Murata Electronics. He has intensely pursued his passions to support healthy lifestyles, develop young African-American men, and development a financially stable community.

Asia Kindley and Natasja Baldwin

Work Study Student Recognition

  • Michala Mercer, Senior, Spelman College
  • Asia Kindley, Sophomore, Spelman College
  • Natasja Baldwin, Freshman, DDEP, Spelman College

These students assist AUCC in moving projects forward with their tireless support. Without these students, much of the work of this office could not be possible.

ExxonMobil Achievement Award Recipients

  • Perry Francois-Edwards, Third-Year, Morehouse College
  • K’yal Bannister, Third-Year, Spelman College

Dinushka Herath

ExxonMobil Most Outstanding Third-Year Chemical Engineering Student

  • Dinushka Herath, Clark Atlanta University

ExxonMobil Most Outstanding Third-Year Mechanical Engineering Student

  • Christian Griffith, Morehouse College

Most Outstanding AUCC Dual Degree Engineering Students of the Year

This highest honor goes to students who have been extraordinary examples while matriculating and remaining an active participant in the program.

  • Patrick Brobbey, Morehouse College

    Patrick Brobbey

After completing his degree in 2013 in applied physics from Morehouse, Brobbey attended Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis where he will be graduating in May with a degree in electrical engineering. While a student, he worked as a General Motors intern and IUPUI ambassador. Upon graduation, he has accepted career-position with the company.

  • Joshua Mann, Morehouse College

Graduating from the University of Michigan in May, Mann completed his degree in mathematics from Morehouse in 2015. After graduation, he will begin working on his master’s degree.

AUCC Outstanding Achievement Awards

Steven Ragland

This award is presented to students who have displayed outstanding achievement.

  • Kofi Bonner, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Caleb Davis, Sophomore, Morehouse College
  • Darrell Fambro, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  • Nia Fears, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  • Malik Franklin, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Melvin Hill, Fourth Year, Morehouse College/Auburn University
  • Ronald Hobson, Fifth Year, Morehouse College/University of Michigan
  • Ronald McCullough Jr., Third Year, Clark Atlanta University
  • Hamim Nigena, Fourth Year, Morehouse College/Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Cedric Porter, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Joshua Pulliam, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Steven Ragland, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Francis Rozier, Second Year, Morehouse College
  • Amadi White, Fourth Year, Spelman College/North Carolina A&T
  • Michael Worthen, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University

Leading By Example Awards

Gabriel Anayanwu

This award is presented to students who know what it means to lead by example.

  • Gabriel Anyanwu, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University
  • K’yal Bannister, Third Year, Spelman College
  • Jeffery Butler, Freshman, Morehouse College
  • Lucius Campbell, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University
  • Travis Clark, Freshman, Clark Atlanta University
  • Zacorian Collins, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University
  • Kayla Dean, Third Year, Spelman College
  • Kamlynne Fontan, Freshman, Spelman College
  • Christian Griffith, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Lamar Lee Jr., Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Austin Little, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • JaMon Patterson, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  • Tyler White, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University

Excellence Awards

This award if for those who exemplify excellence during the academic year.

India Banks

Mykala Jones

  • Jeremy Robinson

    India Banks, Third Year, Spelman College

  • Latonya Beverly, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  • Saleigh Derico, Sophomore, Spelman College
  • Perry Francois-Edwards, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Bakari Greene, Third Year, Morehouse
  • Nathan Hines, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Sylvester Jackson, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Mykala Jones, Fourth Year, Clark Atlanta University
  • Allen Lee, Freshman, Clark Atlanta University
  • Alexander Meyer, Sophomore, Morehouse College
  • Nacarri Murphy, Fourth Year, Spelman College
  • Steven Ragland, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Indigo Rockmore, Sophomore, Spelman College
  • Jeremy Robinson, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  • Lelyn Scurlark, Third Year, Morehouse College
  • Umaru Waizoba, Sophomore, Morehouse College
  • Courtney Wallace, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University

Engineering Success Awards

Christopher Jackson

This award is for students who have gone above and beyond in their engineering discipline.

  • Christopher Jackson, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  • Nia Jones, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  • Tori Orr, Fourth Year, Spelman College
  • Wayne Stevens, Third Year, Morehouse College

Shining Star Awards

Frank Adams

Ogechi Irondi

Kayla Newsome


  1. Frank Adams, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University
  2. Natasja Baldwin, Freshman, Spelman College
  3. Latonya Beverly, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  4. Jonah Bishop, Fourth Year, Morehouse College/University of Michigan
  5. Deandre Borders, Freshman, Clark Atlanta University
  6. Vincent Chester, Third Year, Morehouse College
  7. Obey-Justice Chiquta, Sophomore, Morehouse College
  8. Malik Farmer, Freshman, Morehouse College
  9. Nyles Fleming, Freshman, Morehouse College
  10. Precious Gibson, Fourth Year, Spelman College
  11. Trent Gilliam, Freshman, Morehouse College
  12. Keyoncé Glenn, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University
  13. Ashlee Gordon, Sophomore, Spelman College
  14. Kanis Grady, Freshman, Clark Atlanta University
  15. Dinushka Herath, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  16. David Holden, Freshman, Morehouse College
  17. Jordan Howie, Third Year, Morehouse College
  18. Ogechi Irondi, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University
  19. Aisha Jackson, Fourth Year, Spelman College/Georgia Institute of Technology
  20. Jefty Jerome, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  21. Mykala Jones, Fourth Year, Clark Atlanta University
  22. Enlylh King, Freshman, Spelman College
  23. Kennedy Kishumbu, Freshman, Morehouse College
  24. Ashley Lofton, Third Year, Spelman College
  25. Khensu-Ra Love El, Sophomore, Morehouse College
  26. Antonio Mallard, Sophomore, Clark Atlanta University
  27. Josuel Musambaghani, Sophomore, Morehouse College
  28. Kayla Newsome, Freshman, Clark Atlanta University
  29. Sarai Neloms, Third Year, Spelman College
  30. Nicholas Porter, Freshman, Morehouse College
  31. Damon-Elliott Redding, Freshman, Morehouse College
  32. Rashaad Robinson, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University
  33. Malik Schkoor, Freshman, Morehouse College
  34. Bob Turay, Fourth Year, Morehouse College
  35. Donovan White, Freshman, Morehouse College
  36. Maxwell Williams, Freshman, Clark Atlanta University
  37. Lauren Winston, Sophomore, Spelman College
  38. Rakiya Winton, Third Year, Clark Atlanta University

Scholarship Donation


Scholarship Donation

We welcome any and all donations to the AUCC DDEP. Your donations assist our students in receiving the STEM education they desire and assist the program in being able to provide much needed services for our students. If you would like to donate to the AUCC DDEP, please consider the following:

The Atlanta University Center Consortium Dual Degree Engineering Program administers full and supplemental scholarships via corporate and private funding. Scholarships are applied only to those expenses not covered by financial aid and/or institutional scholarships.

The Awards Ceremony Award Process

    1. Scholarship donor provides AUCC DDEP with criteria for scholarship.
    2. The AUCC DDEP staff uses the AUC DDEP student database to generate a list of all registered students meeting sponsor’s scholarship eligibility criteria.
    3. The AUCC DDEP staff notifies all eligible students of the scholarship opportunity. In order to be considered for scholarship award, interested students must submit updated resumes to the AUCC DDEP staff.
    4. The AUCC DDEP staff may be requested by the scholarship sponsor to identify students who meet the required donor criteria. The staff will consider all required criteria and select student candidates. The alternate method of selection requires the resumes of eligible candidates to be submitted directly to the scholarship donor and the donor notifies the AUC DDEP staff of the selected scholarship award recipients. In some instances, interviews may be required.
    5. Award recipients are announced and honored at the AUCC DDEP annual awards ceremony. Scholarship donors will also be recognized during the ceremony.

Scholarship donations should be made payable to the AUC Consortium Dual Degree Engineering Program.
Donations may be mailed to PO Box 92527, Atlanta, GA 30314 or sent via courier to 156 Mildred Street, Atlanta, GA 30314.

Or, make donations online through our secure Paypal account. Please be sure to send your specifications with your donations. For example, “I want my donation to provide academic tutoring and student tuition assistance.”

Thank you very much for your consideration and the role you play in assisting us in achieving our mission!

Nzinga Tull


Nzinga Tull was born to be an engineer. After all, engineering is the family business. Tull’s father, Knox W. Tull Jr., a civil and structural engineer, co-founded Seabrook, Maryland-based, Jackson and Tull, a full-service technology company that provides services in aerospace, manufacturing, national security, robotics, civil engineering, and information systems. A 1997 dual degree engineering program graduate of Spelman College and Georgia Institute of Technology, Tull could only see benefits in making a five-year commitment to have degrees from two of the best institutions in the nation.

“I enrolled in DDEP because I wanted to attend Spelman College but also wanted to get an engineering degree, and I had no problem with the five-year commitment. It made sense given the curriculum and the fact that I would be finishing with two degrees at the end of the five years,” said the aerospace systems engineer and education advocate. “DDEP is important because it allows students to have the best of both worlds: a well-rounded and top-notch undergraduate education with the rich cultural grounding and unparalleled network of AUC institutions as well as access to a top engineering school education and resources.”

Created to increase the number of minorities entering engineering and technology, the program was first established in 1969 when Morehouse College entered a dual-degree relationship with Georgia Tech. The following year in 1970, Clark College, Morris Brown College, and Spelman College entered the agreement entered the Atlanta University Center-Georgia Tech Dual Degree Program in Engineering. Currently, the program is comprised of AUC Consortium institutions, Clark Atlanta University, Morehouse College and Spelman College.

Today, approximately 1,500 engineering students have graduated through AUC DDEP’s 3+2 curriculum (three years matriculation at an Atlanta University Center institution and two years at a partnering engineering institution). The partnership has expanded from Georgia Tech to now include Auburn University, Clarkson University, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, Missouri University of Science and Technology, North Carolina A&T State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Alabama in Huntsville, University of Florida, University of Michigan, and University of Notre Dame.

Annually, for years, the top-producing baccalaureate engineering degrees for African-Americans have come from two AUCC feeder institutions – North Carolina A&T State University and Georgia Tech.

“The significance of this program is validated every year by feedback from our corporate sponsors and engineering school partners who state the value of our program,” said Denise Holmes, director of DDEP and Career Planning and Placement Service for AUCC. “The holistic student development that takes place at the Consortium schools uniquely prepares our students for the global marketplace in a way that is unparalleled at majority institutions.”

The ebb and flow of dual degree majors in the AUCC program reflects an overall trend in the industry, with numbers for African-Americans really taking a dive from 2005 to 2011, according to an “Engineering by the Numbers” report done by the American Society for Engineering Education. The exception was Hispanics whose numbers have steadily increased over the years.

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