Represent With Intent.


DECEMBER 6, 2022

Days Until Election Day:


Six Ways To Participate (Georgia Residents):

Represent for Your AUC Institution.
Stay Informed.
Stay Engaged.
Finish the Whole Ballot.
Protect Your Vote.

More Resources

Resources from AUC Institutions


More Resources

Voting in Georgia

  • Georgia Secretary of State (check voter registration, apply for mail in ballot, check mail-in ballot status, find poll locations, find sample ballots, learn about early voting.)

Get Your Gear

Report Voter Suppression

Work the Polls

Black Youth Vote


  • Turbovote, (a service of Democracy Works) provides information on how to vote in each state, including information about voter registration, what identification you need to bring to a polling place, voting by mail, sample ballots, and deadlines. You can also receive reminders via text to alert you of voting dates and provide your precinct. 

Key Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

Unless you have a physical address in Atlanta, you may need to vote where you are living now. Check with your state to be sure.

Most states allow some form of vote by mail. Some states send mail-in ballots to every registered voters, while others require you to apply for an absentee ballot. Some states allow you to drop off absentee ballots to a box or office, while others require you to use the United States Postal Service. It is very important that you understand your state’s regulations to ensure that you ballot is counted. The When We All Vote website provides a guide to understanding mail-in balloting across the country.

Quite simply, voter suppression is a system of efforts undertaken to prevent an eligible voter from casting an acceptable ballot, including by spreading incorrect information, limiting access to polling places, and implementing unconstitutional voting requirements. Make sure that you aren’t a victim of voter suppression. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund and others have resources to help you identify and report voter suppression efforts.

Early Voting in Georgia will begin October 17, 2022 and will end the Friday before Election Day. Depending on the Georgia county you live in there may be opportunities to vote on the weekend. In Georgia, check with your Board of Elections office, based on the county, you’re registered in to vote. Find your Georgia city/county board of elections office here.

Votecoming is nonpartisan and is an initiative to educate and motivate voters.

It depends on the laws in your state. Restore Your Vote provides information on voting requirements for convicted felons based on where you live.

AUC in Action: Videos and Media

  • AUC Robert W. Woodruff Library conducts interviews on voting and civic engagement. Dr. Clinton Fluker interviews Genny Castillo, chief operating officer of the Blue Institute,which prepares young people of color for leadership in electoral campaigns in the South and Southwest.
  • Spelman College Alumna Stacey Abrams Encourages Spelman Students to Exercise Their Right to Vote
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