Cross Registration

The Atlanta University Consortium Center Consortium member institutions share a long-established history of collaboration that allows students, faculty and staff to benefit from an expanded and enhanced educational environment. The Consortium has operated a program of cross-registration for over half a century. The cross-registration program provides expanded academic opportunities by allowing undergraduate students the option of enrolling in undergraduate academic courses offered at any of the AUC member colleges. More than 25 percent of AUC students cross-register for at least one course each semester. Students interested in cross registering for courses at other AUC Consortium schools should consult with their major department and campus registrar.

AUC Consortium Centers and Institutes

Clark Atlanta University Centers of Excellence

School of Business Administration

Center for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Development

Center for Computational Intelligence

Center for Urban Educational Excellence

Center for Excellence in Mass Media Arts

Center of Excellence for Faculty Development

Spelman College Centers of Distinction

Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement

International Affairs Center at Spelman College (IAC)

MacVicar Health Center

Sister Center for WISDOM (Women In Spiritual Discernment Of Ministry)

Women’s Research & Resource Center

Research and Science Related Centers of Distinction

Center for Behavioral Neuroscience

Center for Biomedical and Behavioral Research (RIMI)

Center for Energy and Environmental Studies

Center for Molecular Biology

Merck Center for Science Excellence

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