AUC Communiversity Engagement Catalog

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  1. Marion Holiday


    My name is Marion Holiday aka Doc of course with a last name of Holiday. The reason for this letter is seeking help with my project which is my vest. I’m trying to put the insignia of as many HBU’s on my vest as possible. From time to time I speak to kids as a member of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th Cavalry. I thought it will be nice for them to see and asked about HBU’s. I looking to purchase the patch insignia of your school to get sewed on my vest. I would like to receive any information on how to get this patch. If this isn’t the right email can you please pass it on to the right person or persons. Any help on this matter will be appreciated.

    Thank You


  2. My dream since I was 3 is to go to Spelman but because of my stupidity I did not succeed, but now I have the opportunity to go to grad school and I love to support the Historical University BlackCollege. And my dream goal will be true Hallelujah

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