AUC Woodruff Library Art Crawl

You may know the Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library as the premiere information center supporting the learning, teaching and scholarship of several of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Atlanta. But did you know about the Library’s impressive art collection which includes works by Henry O. Tanner, Amalia Amaki, Jim Alexander, Alfred Conteh, Freddie Styles, Tina Dunkley, Wilay Méndez Páez, Steven Allen, Derek Fordjour, and Black Kirby – just to name a few? The AUC Woodruff Library’s expansive Archives Research Center also contains archival materials of artists Hale Woodruff, Fahamu Pecou, Aku Kadogo and Oscar Harris.

You are invited to attend the AUC Woodruff Library’s first Art Crawl on Friday, June 17 from 5-8pm. Come out to enjoy art tours, artist talks, special archives viewings, deep grooves, music and poetry performances, virtual reality sessions, and AUC student short film viewings throughout the evening. We look forward to an artist talk with Dr. Fahamu Pecou, facilitated by Karen Comer Lowe, as well as an artist roundtable featuring Jim Alexander, Tina Dunkley, Charmaine Minnifield, and Ato Ribiero, moderated by Dr. Liz Andrews.

Enjoy art tours, artist talks, special archives viewings, deep grooves, performances, and virtual reality sessions throughout the evening.

Limited free parking is available in the Library’s parking lot.
*Attendees must wear masks when not eating or drinking.
For more information and to reserve your free tickets, Register Here:

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