Mitigating Covid-19 Spikes

Greetings AUC community.  As you know we are still operating within CDC and Fulton County health officials’ guidelines related to COVID-19. We are proud of your work and steadfast diligence helping to maintain an overall low COVID positivity rate. However, there has been a recent spike in positive test results among our student population. As a result, we have implemented our protocols for isolation and tracing to identify appropriate quarantine application.

Please understand that we are dedicated to the wellness and safety of our entire community. Therefore, we ask that you place extra effort in following the protocols for safe campus environment including safe distance, mandatory wearing of masks, frequent handwashing, continued compliance with your COVID-19 testing cadence and mandatory daily use of the symptom checker.  Following these protocols allows us to contain the spread of this virus and helps ensure a safe campus environment for everyone. We will be doing a check of the use of the daily symptom tracker. Recall that prolonged periods of not using the symptom tracker is a violation of the safe-campus protocols. Additionally, we are implementing tighter restrictions on cross-campus activities as well as activities on respective campuses.

All of our campuses are offering the COVID-19 vaccine to everyone 16 years of age and older. We strongly urge that you consider receiving the vaccine as it can help mitigate the severity of symptoms related to COVID-19.


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