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Visit AUCC Career Link here

Contact the AUC Consortium Dual Degree Engineering Program office in order to access the AUC Consortium eRecruiting system – contact the Program Manager at ddepservices@aucenter.edu.


Currently enrolled Dual Degree Engineering Program (DDEP) students and alumnus of the Atlanta University Center Consortium are eligible.


Campus interviews, Information Sessions, Workshops and Seminars are arranged for the Fall Semester which is typically, September through mid-November. The Spring Semester interviewing sessions typically begin mid-January and continue through mid-April.

Students must upload their resume and complete the Personal Profile on the system in order to navigate the system. Information on the Personal Profile page will only be viewed by the Consortium and your campus career services staff.

All current DDEP students are allowed to utilize the system for scheduling interviews.

Campus Recruiting benefits to DDEP alumni:

DDEP Alumni have the ability to “Browse” the system ONLY. Alumni have the privilege of attending any campus information Session/Reception or Workshop as well as the annual AUC Career Fair and Graduate School Fair.

Interviews are scheduled through the AUC Consortium eRecruiting system. The event calendar details all arranged recruiting activities. The system displays available employment opportunities which include permanent, part-time and internships that list contact information, job descriptions, locations and application methods.

Organization details and job descriptions should be reviewed before applying and signing up for a reserved interview slot. For “pre-select” interview schedules, students will be notified through the eRecruiting system and/or directly by a corporate representative if accepted interview for specified position(s). For “open” interview schedules, students will have the ability to select an open slot to schedule an interview.

Great tips on career fair prep created by a Morehouse alumnus: NSBE Career Fair Preparation Guide.

The staff of the AUC Consortium DDEP reserves the right to remove any student from a schedule and/or interview privileges that does not meet the employer’s requirements or who abuses the interviewing privilege. If removed from a schedule for missing an interview without prior notice, student(s) must contact their respective Career Services office in order to have interviewing privilege reinstated.


  • Information on campus recruiting events (Interviews/Information Sessions)
  • Online employment notices (Weekly Job List)for Permanent, Part-time, Internships nationwide. Shared electronically via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mock Interviews conducted with top industry professionals.
  • Contact information for over 300 employment organizations (Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations).
  • Skype/Video-conferencing available for Interview Process.
  • Relevant information for career services provided through social media networks (Facebook, Twitter and email) during the academic year.
  • Experience Engineering Day @ Georgia Tech
  • Michigan Day at the AUC Consortium
  • One-on-one informational interviews with alumni who are industry professionals
  • Annual AUCC Career Fair (September)
  • Annual AUCC Graduate, Professional and Engineering School Fair (October)


Preparation: Research the organization and the position-formulate intelligent questions to ask interviewer

“What are your typical career paths?”

“What opportunities exist for professional growth/development?”

“What type of training program do you offer new employees?”

“What are the company’s plans for future growth?”

During the Interview:

Three commonly asked questions during an interview:

“Tell me about yourself” – A general question can sometimes be the most difficult to answer. You will not be able to sum up a “life story” in a couple of minutes.

The primary objective in answering is not to focus on your resume—the interviewer has a copy.

Focus on major strengths and key accomplishments during academic career and any internships/jobs that you have held-

Relate these assets to the job you are interviewing for-

“What are some of your weaknesses?” – What are you suppose to do…tell them why they should NOT hire you??

This question is a favored one with interviewers because it seems to give them insight as to how you tackle adverse challenges. Choose a weakness that is understandable, real and relatively harmless and be sure that it is work related. The most significant thing to discuss is how you OVERCAME this weakness.

Ex.: “I sometimes had a tendency for procrastination…now I make a strong effort to set a strict schedule and personal deadline(s) for my projects well in advance. This strategy has helped me tremendously.”

Do not relate a weakness that will “torpedo” your chances…your weaknesses should speak strongly to your skills.

“Do you have any questions for me?” – You should always be prepared to ask the interviewer a couple of questions at the end of the interview. This shows that you actually have been listening during the interview and that you have researched the organization.

Ex.: “What is the career path for this position…is there opportunity for advancement?”

“What do you like best about this organization and why?”

After the Interview:

Thank the interviewer and state that you are very interested in the position. Your last question should be “What is the next step in this process and when should I expect to hear from you?”

For information on mock interview sessions contact the AUC Consortium Dual Degree Program office at auccddep@aucenter.edu or 404-523-5148.

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