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DDEP Board of Visitors

The Atlanta University Center Consortium’s Dual Degree Engineering Program (AUCC DDEP) recognizes and values the importance of external partners.  The AUCC DDEP has created a Board of Visitors to maintain close consultation with our alumni and industry partners.   


The role of the AUCC DDEP Board of Visitors is to assist and advise the program in its efforts to achieve excellence in the programs through the following activities:

  • Advise regarding issues related to our instructional, applied research, and service activities.
  • Participate in the program’s assessment process through:
    • Review and evaluation of strategic goals, plans, and new initiatives.
    • Provide real-world input for the program’s curriculum, educational objectives, and learning outcomes.
  • Provide support in expanding and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships with industry and current students.
  • Assist in developing resources for the program through endowments, gifts, scholarships and fellowships, faculty development grants, and awards.
  • Provide other assistance that may include student recruitment for summer internships, co-op positions, and permanent employment.


Membership on this board is by invitation from the AUCC’s Director of Academic Affairs, Research, and Student Success.  The selection of members is based on the level of support an organization or individual has given to the AUCC DDEP and the organization’s or person’s interest in contributing to the stated program’s goals and objectives.  Prospective members may be recommended by the organization for which they work or by any member of the Board of Visitors.

Size and Term of Service

The board consists of approximately 7-11 members.  Members serve two-year terms and may be reappointed.


The Board of Visitors’ initial chair is appointed by the director of the Division of Academic Affairs, Research, and Student Success in consultation with the Executive Director of the AUCC for two years and may be reappointed.  The board members will elect the subsequent chairs.


The Board of Visitors meetings are held four times a year, specifically once a quarter.  The meeting frequency may vary according to the needs of the program.  Sessions typically last one or two hours and are scheduled to avoid significant conflict with professional responsibilities.

Any questions concerning the Board of Visitors may be directed to Dr. Said Sewell, ssewell@aucenter.edu 

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