DDEP Registration

AUCC DDEP Student Registration and Participation Checklist

In order to remain active in the program , all students must register every year with the AUC Consortium DDEP. Registration should be completed at the start of each academic year. If you fail to register, you will not receive consideration for scholarship dollars, internships/Co-ops and permanent employment opportunities. All form links are highlighted in red.

  1. Complete AUC DDEP Registration Packet in the AUCC DDEP office located at 156 Mildred Street, Atlanta, Georgia – one block south and one block east of the R.W. Woodruff Library or use the following link to register online Student Registration.
  2. Submit hard copy of the Transcript Release Form to the AUCC DDEP office (if you fail to submit your Transcript Release Form, your registration will be incomplete).
  3. Complete your initial career planning session with the Program Manager.
  4. Submit your resume to AUCC DDEP Program Manager, via email, at auccddep@aucenter.edu.
  5. Read AUCC DDEP weekly newsletters which are sent to your email.
  6. Visit the AUCC DDEP office regularly (recommended of once per week). The purpose of this visit is to read posted information, receive event flyers, obtain literature regarding research and corporate opportunities, as well as receive information on scholarships and to build rapport with AUCC DDEP staff. Lack of participation can affect your ability to obtain all resources available as a registered student)
  7. Sign-up for corporate interviews and corporate and engineering institution Information Sessions using Handshake.
  8. Attend corporate Information Sessions (mandatory for all AUCC DDEP scholarship recipients).
  9. Join the AUC Consortium National Society of Black Engineers (AUC NSBE).
  10. Attend the AUCC DDEP Fall Orientation.
  11. Attend the AUC Consortium Career Fair.
  12. Attend the AUC Consortium Graduate & Professional and Engineering School Fair.
  13. Attend the Annual Awards Ceremony in the Spring (April).
  14. Read and respond accordingly to all AUCC DDEP email blast, social media updates and newsletters.
  15. Like us on Facebook follow us on Instagram and  Twitter
  16. Upon Graduation, submit the Graduate EXIT FORM to the DDEP Office.
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